CPG & Retail Analytics

Competitive advantage in Retail, CPG and Transportation industry is shifting towards businesses that leverage analytics. NRoot Labs’s Analytics solutions help organizations build sustainable competitive advantage by differentiating at the front even while technology, infrastructure and processes are standardized at the core to reduce complexity and bring down costs.

  • Customer Analytics that enables customer facing personnel and marketers to have a single view of customers across channels and businesses, reveals insights into customer behaviour and enriches overall customer experience and loyalty
  • Profitability Analytics that enables finance personnel and heads of businesses to determine profitable products, customers and services and allocate costs accordingly to improve profitability
  • Supply Chain Analytics that enables supply chain managers to improve supply chain visibility and efficiency with insights-driven demand forecasting, network optimization, vendor analytics, inventory turns, SKU velocity analysis and shipping strategies
  • Trade Promotion Optimization that enables promotion managers to model, optimize, forecast, budget, execute, manage and measure product and customer performance within a country or across the globe
  • Marketing Mix Optimization that helps maximize returns on marketing expenditure. This is achieved through analytics by determining the best set of advertising and targeted campaign options across channels
  • Store Expense Optimization that enables store managers to optimize labour scheduling, reduce shrinkage, rationalize assortment, enhance customer in-store experience and optimize store inventory management
  • Merchandise and Category Optimization that enables merchandise and category managers to optimize merchandise and assortment performance, track new product performance, optimize markdowns and promotions, improve price realization, optimize space allocation and planograms, and maximize product allocation and availability
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