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Category Management

In today’s Commerce Anywhere environment, consumers enjoy the ubiquity of information and the freedom to select multiple channels and methods for their transactions. As competition increases, retailers need to create strategies that differentiate them in the market and which provides localized assortments that appeal to their targeted customers, while balancing execution complexity and inventory carrying costs for multiple formats and store sizes.

Category Management addresses these challenges using embedded science to leverage data from multiple data sources in order to create optimized, localized assortments. It achieves this through four complimentary modules.

Key Attributes
  •     Ensures product coverage and space allocation for high-demand items and prunes non-producing items from the assortment
  •     Drives category assortments that are tailored to localized customer preferences
  •     Allocates space based on profit potential at the category and item levels, improving ROI
  •     Scalable architecture allows retailers to leverage large data volumes to quickly identify critical insights and improve category planning
  •     Equips retailers with science-based analytics that drive more localized assortments and more profitable floor and shelf space allocation
  •     Increased revenue
  •     Increased margins and productivity
  •     Greater customer satisfaction

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