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HR Analytics

The Human Resources Department – The unsung heroes of the organization, tackling everything from talent acquisition to conflict resolution, payroll to employee attrition, employee engagement to risk management! The HR department is crucial for any organization as it supports the acquisition, development, and retention of talent, manages employee relations, ensures compliance with laws and regulations, and …

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Automotive Dealership Management

BUILD RESILIENCE, MAXIMIZE DAILY PERFORMANCE, IMPROVE PRODUCT OFFERING AND OPTIMIZE COSTS When times are tough, what separates resilient companies from others is its superior financial performance. Along with ensuring healthy cash flow for the short term, Automotive Dealers must also strategically manage their working capital across their retail store, supply chain, sales and even after …

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Manufacturing Analytics

Analytics & Information Management can enable a manufacturing organization to effectively manage its various functions, be it the shop floor, supply chain, sales or even after sales service. Using NRoot Labs’s offerings in analytics, organizations can become more responsive and agile by generating insights from data collected across the value chain. This data requires an …

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Category Management

In today’s Commerce Anywhere environment, consumers enjoy the ubiquity of information and the freedom to select multiple channels and methods for their transactions. As competition increases, retailers need to create strategies that differentiate them in the market and which provides localized assortments that appeal to their targeted customers, while balancing execution complexity and inventory carrying …

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CPG & Retail Analytics

Competitive advantage in Retail, CPG and Transportation industry is shifting towards businesses that leverage analytics. NRoot Labs’s Analytics solutions help organizations build sustainable competitive advantage by differentiating at the front even while technology, infrastructure and processes are standardized at the core to reduce complexity and bring down costs. CPG and Retail Solutions CPG Specific Solutions …

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Financial Analytics

CFOs globally are facing challenges to grow revenue, increase profitability and manage compliance issues. Their focus is on getting relevant financial insights to make the right decisions. They want to take actions proactively to improve the company’s performance. Get consolidated insights into your financial statements for a single & a group entity! With our proven …

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Supply Chain Analytics

Businesses are facing major challenges pertaining to inadequate internal operations. These in turn pose problems for smooth running of the business. It is critical to focus on modelling and forecasting to enable centralized insight and decentralized action. This helps businesses quickly gather, synthesize and analyse broader sets of internal and external information, including both structured …

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Marketing Analytics

Measurement of marketing ROI is crucial for the success of enterprises. Marketing Analytics, or the practice of measuring, managing and analysing marketing performance, can help maximize effectiveness of marketing and optimize ROI. The importance of Marketing Analytics is obvious: if something costs more than it returns, it’s not a good long-term business strategy. NRoot Labs …

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