Build Resilience, Maximize Daily Performance, Improve Product Offering and Optimize Costs

When times are tough, what separates resilient companies from others is its superior financial performance. Along with ensuring healthy cash flow for the short term, Automotive Dealers must also strategically manage their working capital across their retail store, supply chain, sales and even after sales service to build resilience for the longer term.

To help you rethink your value chain and uncover trapped money, NRoot Labs brings to you targeted analytics solutions exclusively for Automotive Dealership. Our approach will standardize your data and technology at the core to deliver differentiated and customer-specific solutions at the front. These solutions will gear you up to become more responsive and agile in today’s evolving and challenging times.

Make every penny of investment really work for you

At NRoot Labs, we have the right solution to help you unlock your data to make proactive decisions and improve daily productivity and efficiency. We deploy a cross-functional and holistic approach to identify insights to improve your performance across financials and inventory management processes. We bring in the right mix of our industry and functional expertise with data analytics to help you maximize your working capital performance.

Driving Growth in Daily Workshop Sales

Within Daily Workshop Sales, we can track your sales, and help you identify how you can sell more hours. We can help you monitor daily workshop activity and increase throughput to improve profitability. By helping you track individual KPIs and gaining insights, we help you maximize individual daily performance.

Monitoring Your WIP Levels at Any Time

Within your WIP reports, we can help you accurately track and monitor your WIP levels. This will help spot profit fade by identifying discrepancies in estimates and order practices and thus helping you focus on the right levers of your business growth.

Identifying your underperforming stocks

Within your supply chain, we can help you manage inventory better by categorizing vehicle and parts stock by age, value and source. This will help you improve on-time orders, with thorough tracking of the parts, jobs and invoice status. This will identify your under performing stock and strengthen your sales planning and demand-forecasting.

Tracking Individuals’ Financial Performance

Within Financial performance, we can help you evaluate executive’s penetration rates that can offer valuable opportunities to set individual and group targets.

Our comprehensive suite of Solutions

  • VSB – Sales & Stock
  • VSB GP – Historical GP with handling of Credit Note Dates
  • Contact Analysis
  • Complaint Analysis
  • Showroom Analytics
  • Parts Sales
  • Labor Sales with Menu analytics
  • WIP Activity
  • Parts Inventory Position
  • Workshop Loading with Utilization & Efficiency by resource, team and shifts
  • Service History
  • Units in Operation/UIO
  • Management Accounting
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