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Transforming Data into Value for a leading Automotive Dealer

Transforming Data into Value for a leading Automotive Dealer


An authorized dealer of leading automobile brands such as Nissan, Infiniti, Renault, Great Wall and Dongfeng Motors, Ford and Lincoln. Being synonymous with quality automobiles in the GCC, the client has consistently set the standards for excellence, not only in sales, service and spare parts but also in customer service and satisfaction.


The client was looking to support their growing business by transforming the IT operations and streamlining data management while improving accuracy. They were seeking a holistic view of their business to support their decision making.


  • The IT landscape was not aligned to business value and outcomes.
  • The business users face the challenge of reporting out of Autoline Rev8 DMS which is not capable of supporting self-service and better visualization/dashboards to enhance decision making capability.
  • The users were dependent on tech support/DMS reports for extracting the data from the source systems to analyze & monitor KPIs outside the DMS system using excel & other means.
  • Decentralized data across multiple locations and multiple fragmented reports across functions made it hard to get the full value out of the data.


NRoot Labs was chosen as a trusted partner to implement and enhance information management by building a custom analytics solution for the dealership. NRoot Labs kicked off the project by putting together a digital transformation roadmap aligned to system readiness and business objectives.

The first step was redesigning existing reporting architecture for automobile business covering areas of Sales, Inventory, Service and Parts. NRoot Labs leveraged its unique data-extraction methodology from CDK. The data was then manipulated and shored up in the Enterprise Data Store in a usable format.

The team made data and analytics easier to access and use by deploying Microsoft Power BI to create interactive dashboards for several business areas. The deployment team also implemented data governance and change management guidelines for effective and secure use of data and analytics.

The client worked with NRoot Labs to ensure the data being reported was completely accurate.

Business Impact

  • The solution helped IT/business solve data management issues in ERP at faster time with greater standardization, transparency and 0% manual effort.
  • The report turnaround time is now reduced to 30 mins from 8 hours.
  • Department managers now plan strategies for low performing products at 10x faster than earlier as Power BI provides the information on the fly for various periods and departments at all product levels.
  • In turn, Stock availability based on the historic sales and inventory, each store P&L is increased by 30-40%.
  • The solution is being leveraged to improve After Sales efficiency and productivity.


  • Better planning of Menu Bundles/service packages.
  • Increase in upsell Revenue.
  • Customer retention in service is increased to 32%.
  • Decrease in customer churn and revenue leakage.
  • Better control of Obsolete category parts and better parts ordering process.

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