NRoot Labs drives innovation with its new and powerful analytics

NRoot Labs drives innovation with its new and power analytics solution for manufacturing industry

NRoot Labs announces Manufacturing Analytics solutions that combines its in-depth knowledge of manufacturing’ business processes with expertise in BI solutions . These solutions can significantly reduce the cost, time and complexity of implementation by delivering best-in-class business solutions tailored to meet manufacturers’ industry- and geography-specific needs.

NRoot Labs offers solutions for supply chain management (SCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management (PLM), value chain planning and customer relationship management (CRM) to support the needs of companies across various manufacturing segments.

Varun Thatha, Co-Founder, NRoot Labs explains, “Manufacturing is entering an exciting new phase of opportunities. As the manufacturing industry continues to become more global in nature, manufacturers of all sizes are seeking ways to grow, innovate and optimize their supply chains, as well as other business processes. NRoot Labs is ready with strategic business and technology solutions, people and processes that unravel, interpret and address this change.”

This solution will prove to be a strategic differentiator and value proposition in the marketplace as it is a highly customer-centric approach to deliver business aligned IT solutions.

For more information, visit our Manufacturing Analytics services page below.

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