New-age BI Engagement Models are Necessary for Enhanced Operational Agility

NRoot Labs makes first time ever kind of engagement models in effort to bring together your BI and business objectives.

Organizations must simultaneously optimize their business and BI engaging models to extract synergies and improve performance on both the top and bottom lines. The issue for many organizations is empowering BI to withstand and to craft a sustainable next-generation operating model.

The key success factors for a seamless transformation to these new models depends on the following:

  • Selecting the right engagement model
  • Ensuring strong leadership commitment and sustained change management
  • Adopting an ecosystem of technology to drive delivery and innovation’
  • Quickly respond to organizational needs
  • Instituting a phased implementation strategy, with incremental investments

NRoot labs has designed simplified BI engagement model to meet the needs of your business function and industry. Our dashboard packages offers three easy packages to choose from.

  • Starter
  • 4 Dashboards
  • Plus
  • 12 Dashboards
Key Benefits
  • Single value oriented implementation of BI Offerrings
  • Single source that offers several solutions and business Benefits
  • Reducing the time spent on the business decision cycle
  • Clients experience economies of scale when buying a bundle of dashboards
  • Cost effective as the total package price is lesser when the BI requirement are implemented as a dashboard package
  • Long term advantages and trusted BI implementation partner


NRoot Labs provides daily support under our BAU subscription model. We provide the architect, developers and DBAs needed to support your entire BI environment. NRoot Labs has a wide range of skillsets in the Business Intelligence (BI) space and we will quickly become familiar with your environment. Our centralized team at NRoot Labs India facility takes advantage of knowledge sharing. All of our resources are trained in-house and certified in many different industry specific tools.

  • Silver
  • 960 Hours
  • Validity 180 Days
  • Platinum
  • 1920 Hours
  • Validity 360 Days
What You Get

The service covers daily checks of your system, small bug fixes and minor enhancements. Based on the service agreement a portion of your unused hours can be used to do new development work. You can always add more hours to your subscription within a few days of notice. Before the engagement starts, a system study would be conducted in a T&M model to help us understand the team structure.

Key Benefits
  • Bring down cost
  • Craft your services strategy and budget plans accordingly
  • Availability of skilled employees
  • Help you focus on strategic initiatives

Contact us to learn how you can integrate our agile engagement model into your overall BI strategy and to know further details about effort and cost.

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