BI Development and Implementation

Business Intelligence solutions offer you with the right information, when you need it. Every business enterprise operates with different departments synced together to work as a binding force towards a common goal. It runs on different ideas and operational propositions that need to be integrated and processed in a streamlined manner. At NRoot, we offer Business Intelligence development services that are based on eventfully and logically related methodologies, theories, architectures and technologies to offer a robust BI perspective to your business.

How we help?

We help organizations get the flexibility essential to easily deploy in any environment. We offer:

  • Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
  • Proven Delivery Methods
  • Expert BI Consultants
  • Transparent, Collaborative, & Communicative
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • BI architecture and design
  • Budget Planning
  • BI and DW technology assessment
  • Support and Optimization
  • ETL Process development
  • DW Design
  • Data Orchestration – Real-time availability of data
  • Automation of data collection and KPI calculation
  • Prototyping
  • Mobile BI
  • Capacity and Load Planning
  • Security Management
  • Migration Services
  • Automated service monitoring system
  • Custom Visualization Configuration for smart devices



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