Satisfying customers, ensuring your promotions are effective and boosting sales are complicated goals to monitor. Can customer analytics help?

Implementing a system for gathering customer data is a hurdle that many companies have overcome. Unfortunately, many continue to struggle with what they should do with that information after it’s been gathered and stored. Used correctly, this data can help increase sales and retain customers. Therefore, there lies the need for a single unified view of the customer across the organization, backward looking and predictive analytics of the customer and a simple intuitive interface for maximum benefits.

NRoot Labs offers an entire range of Customer Analytics services across all industries like CPG, Retail and Manufacturing.

Our experts combine domain knowledge, statistical rigor and advanced technology skills to offer a single unified view of the customer. The actionable insights produced by our analytics help organizations in every step of the customer life cycle and in developing customer centricity.

Our Customer Analytics focused offerings include:
  • Life Time Value Modelling that helps estimate who your most valuable customers are over the customer lifetime
  • Propensity Modelling that assists in predicting future customer behavior and propensities and assigning a score or ranking to each customer that depicts anticipated actions
  • Churn Modelling that helps understand likely customer attrition
  • Customer Segmentation that ensures businesses find and segment homogeneous sub-groups of customers within a heterogeneous aggregate market using statistical methods
  • Market Basket Analysis that helps understand which product combinations are bought, when they are purchased, and in what sequence
  • Up sell – Cross sell Analytics that assists in identifying which customers are most likely to respond to up sell and cross sell efforts
  • Cross Channel Analytics that helps optimize and leverage cross channel transactions to maximize customer satisfaction
  • Customer Profiling that assists in understanding who your best customers are and how they behave. It also helps interpret their transactional and demographic data
  • Loyalty Reporting that helps understand the loyalty program and how to derive maximum ROI from each customer
  • Transaction Level Analysis that enables the understanding of patterns in transaction level data to derive strategy
  • Demographic Analysis that helps understand the demographic variables for a particular group of customers
  • CXO Dashboards that assist in the formulation of KPIs and metrics for business performance indicators at the CXO level
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